My essay about the Fortnite map

The Fortnite map has gone through many changes. There used to be only 13 major drop spots. Later, in season 7 there were 21 major drop spots. In season 11 there was a new map wthe 12 major drop spots now there are 17 major drop spots. This is my essay on the fortnite map. I hope you enjoyed


History 10

the inventions i learned about this week are the Vapor-Compression Theory Percussion Ignition and Canning Process

The Vapor-Compression Theory is what makes refrigerators cold. You no longer have to travel for to get ice. The Percussion Ignition led to the rounded and pointy bullet designs. Duck hunting increased. You no longer have to wait a few seconds for a gun to fire. It will fire immediately. The Canning Process is the process of preserving food. You could carry food easier and it will last longer. It is more efficient for soldiers during war.


The Ancient Greeks have been trying to amplify sound until their fall, but Charles Wheatstone invented a concept of a microphone in 1827. Later, Thomas Edison invented the microphone. William Burt invented the typewriter. It was not a success, but a company called Sholes & Glidden made a typewriter that was successful . Charles Barbier made a system of reading and writing in the 1800s, but Louis Braille made it easier. The Braille writing system is a way for blind people to write. He made books and told his students about his system. Bart thimonnier hears some pics anyway Bart Thimonnier made the sewing machine in 1829. The sewing machine makes homemade clothes and pillows.

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The four inventions I learned about this week were the Portland Cement, the Electromagnets, the Passenger Rail, and lastly the Matches.

Joseph Aspdin made Portland cement and patented it. Joseph’s son, William, made his own one which is the real formula, but he did not patent it. William Sturgeon invented the electromagnet around 1800 after Oersted discovered electricity’s and magnetism’s link together. George Stephenson invented the one and only passenger rail after spending a living developing railroad lines. His invention provides a fast mode of transportation. John Walker invented matches by accident in 1826. Many improvements were made like the matchbook in 1890. The improvements did not have a patent.


The four inventions I learned about this week were the pencil, the stethoscope, the tunneling shield, and lastly the paved roads. Conte invented the Conte pencil and Henry David Thoreau reinvented it. The stethoscope was invented in 1816 by Lannec. It signaled a turning point in medicine. Britain needed to tunnel under the Thames River and the tunneling shield protects miners from cave-ins. John McAdam invented the method of paved roads in 1816. To make it, you need crushed stone and asphalt. It was the cheapest method at the time.


My favorite season of the year is winter. I like winter because I do not have allergies and I make money for shoveling people’s driveways. One of my favorite things about winter is the hot cocoa. I also like playing in the snow. My favorite is the holidays, that is why I like winter.


The inventions I learned about this week were the Suspension Bridges, the Fire Hydrant, and the Locomotive. The ancient Bridges had limitations and ware heavy. James Finey invented it. The Fire Hydrant saves a lot of lives and property. They used to empty it a little bit to get the cold water out. The locomotive is a car in the 1800’s . The car was built from a steam engine in 1801. I like the fire hydrant because it’s so cool something so small can save lives.


Canada geese are common. Baby geese swim in a V-formation and adults fly in a V-formation to save energy. The lead position is difficult because of wind resistance. They migrate every spring and fall. There could be hundreds of thousands of them at one pit stop.

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